Gasifier Fuel Testing


In 1999 Innovation Technologies (Ireland) Ltd became involved in development work on an existing gasification plant based in Londonderry. This eventually developed into an in-house research programme with co-operation from Fluidyne (NZ), into developing truly commercial downdraft gasification systems.  This research has put ITI-Fluidyne at the leading edge of gasifier understanding and practical experience, and has resulted in several scales of gasifier that are in use in laboratory and commercial environments.

Our own research gasifier is of an ideal size to carry out assessments of suitability of certain wastes types for use as gasifier fuel. We have already carried out several studies for clients in to pellitizing and briquetting of waste streams (eg sewage sludge, chicken/turkey litter, etc.) as-well-as optimizing blends of wastes for best performance. 

Where wastes are in a solid, large format, it may be necessary to reduce it down to a suitable, more uniform size, e.g. matchbox size, perhaps by sourcing or developing a suitable machine. An example of what ITI developed allow long offcuts of MDF to be used as gasifier fuel, refer to the Wood Snapper page

As an example of a fuel assessment, in 2003 ITI received a Smart Award to research the feasibility of processing sewage sludge into an appropriate format for use as fuel for a downdraft gasification Combined Heat and Power installation.
The project investigated the major problem of sewage sludge disposal - a potential source of non-fossil fuel electric generating capacity. Redirection of this waste stream could significantly reduce environmental loadings and create a revenue investment within Northern Ireland.
With the co-operation of United Utilities who have developed a site at Barrow Waste Water Treatment Works for the pelletizing of sewage sludge, ITI were able to test the viability of such a fuel.

Sewage pellets

50% pellet mix using sewage sludge

Sewage pellets developed by United Utilities

50% pellet mix using sewage sludge 

developed by ITI



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