Industrial Data Acquisition Systems


Innovation Technologies (Ireland) Ltd are experienced in dealing with Industrial and Environmental Data Acquisition projects. All aspects of such projects are catered for, including:
  • Requirements/Specification Assessment
  • Solution Design and, where appropriate Custom built Signal Conditioning equipment
  • Data processing and presentation software (eg using LabVIEW)
  • Sourcing of Acquisition Hardware & Software as appropriate
  • Stand-alone data logging and direct acquisition to PC
  • High and Low speed acquisition rates
  • Sensor selection and sourcing
  • Installation and calibration
ITI utilize several software packages for providing solutions to data logging and PC control issues.   Tailored software can be developed using LabVIEW or Visual Basic allowing powerful data visualisation and handling, including export to other applications such as Excel.

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Product Testing Systems

Life Testing

A data acquisition system was developed for a local pump manufacturer who carry out a large number of life-cycle tests on their range of products. The system included (wall mounted) custom Signal Conditioning Units (as shown below), remote data acquisition and transfer of data using Ethernet across their intranet. A tailored LabVIEW application was created to record and display pump parameters, highlighting unusual values and raising alarms. The data is available for reference at a later date. 


Client Tailored Hardware and Software Systems

ITI has one Certified Associate LabVIEW Developer.




Field & Performance Testing

Extending the product testing beyond life testing into other areas such as pump performance requires higher speed data acquisition. Also required in this instance was portability to allow field testing of pumps in situ, e.g. in boats or caravans. 

The enclosure shown opposite is part of a portable aluminum framed rig incorporating precision magnetic flow sensor, 2No. pressures, voltage, current, and temperature measurements. A motorised valve simulates a tap or other flow restrictions, while the complete rig is controlled by Laptop via USB2.



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