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    In addition to violently snatching the crown, it is difficult for rising stars to gain the right to speak and society. Status, and thus created a new tradition of breaking through tradition through science and art, gaining prestige and making a fortune for oneself, which also opened the door to the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. In Huaxia, where the tradition of learning and excellence is still immersed in Shi, even today, everyone in the three thousand years of cultural traditions deliberately extracts the part that is most beneficial to them, and makes sophistry and arrogance of their claims. Is there a fully understood "filial piety culture" Some people say that filial piety culture is the Photography Softbox Lighting Kit core of Chinese culture. I do not deny. But there may be a gap between the filial piety culture you understand and the filial piety culture I understand. The traditional culture of filial piety that I learned from studying history is the investment and employment relationship between parents and children. That is to say, parents have children not only to pass on the seed, but also to invest in population labor, in order to expand the family's labor resources. The path of a child’s growth is not the decision of the Photography Softbox Lighting Kit child, but the choice made by the parents based on the family’s needs. Arrange for a certain son to participate in the imperial examination, arrange for a certain son for business, arrange for a certain son to manage land. And so on. This is one of the family relationships in history and the epitome of the father-son relationship.
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