Wood Gasifier Research



Innovation Technologies (Ireland) has developed several research/demonstor gasifier/generator systems. In each, the gasifier start up is achieved through electric ignition and engine fuel-gas is available within 10 minutes. The engine starts and runs on wood gas only, there is no fossil-fuel used whatsoever.

  • Research system 1: The smallest system employs a standard 3.5 litre automotive engine with a 15 kVA single-phase generator unit. Gasifier and fuel control is was not automated. 


  • Research system 2: A larger hearth gasifier produces gas for a turbo charged 6.5 litre Ford spark ignition engine producing more than 30kW. This system is ideal for trials of small quantities of fuels. (ITI offer consultancy on development & testing of gasifier fuels from waste streams. Please contact us for more information.)



Laboratory Research Gasifier & Ford Engine






Innovation Tech has developed a PLC control and continuous feed system to research the needs of commercial systems and significantly reduce manpower requirements. 

Laboratory Class Gasifier - Concept Drawing


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