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    Respect is the best care, and respect is also the best filial piety. This is a national community that is good at reasoning and the least reasonable. Some people often complain that their children are not obedient. If you ask carefully, it turns out that it is your fault. At this time, if he asked him, "It was originally you who were wrong, why should I blame the child", he would quibble "I am his father". Conversely, he complained that his own father was not good at serving him. "When he just made him a fish, he had to eat roast chicken", if he asked, "Did you ask your father what you want to eat before cooking?" , You use "I know my father loves fish most" as a prevarication. The other way round, you are all right. why? For any reason,Hpusn Professional Photography Tripod the Chinese people only choose the part that is good for them, and ignore and deliberately ignore the bad side. This is not only a knack for the Chinese civilization to be passed down for thousands of years, but also a typical embodiment of pragmatic philosophy (please note: in terms of the relationship between "" and other punctuation marks, I put "" in the sentence break punctuation mark). Wu Zetian's proclaiming emperor became the place where historians later criticized the Tang Dynasty. But if you understand that the Tang dynasty is dominated by the horse people of Khitan and Turkic ancestry, Hpusn Professional Photography Tripod the reason why the Li family ruled the world and created a very open Datang Empire is precisely because of the open and inclusive characteristics of the horse people. If that is the case, it is not that Wu Zetian has found the key to becoming emperor. Openness and tolerance are not reasonable reasons for female Wu Zetian to become emperor. The consensus of the male and female leaders as the immediate nation is the consensus of the later Mongolian Yuan Dynasty and the Jurchen Qing Dynasty.
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