Astrology is actually a timing calendar, and its specific application in the folks includes the choice of good days and auspicious days. These things have been there since the Western Zhou Dynasty. The sacrificial ritual after marriage is the most easily overlooked ritual process that must exist and seems to be imperceptible. It is also called ancestor recognition. All the processes and rituals in the funeral are the inheritance of three thousand years of civilization. Needless to say, all people have and must have experiences and experiences. The difference between the men and women of the deceased, the use of the Big Dipper in the coffin, the golden boy and the jade girl, the soul-inspiring paper flags and prayers, etc., all reflect the traditional culture of the thought of ascending to immortality and the path of soul, and pray for the deceased to protect his And bless the wait. Why would you pray for the deceased's shelter and bless their families? Because in the ancient thoughts, only people had the opportunity and ability to communicate with the gods after death, so the dead relatives became the bridge and medium of communication and dialogue between the living people and the gods. When you want the gods to do for you or have something to say to the gods, burn the incense on the paper in front of the ancestor’s grave (it was Mingtang in the past), tell your ancestors of your appeal, and let them convey your thoughts and thoughts. Ask, tell the gods what you want to say, and let the gods help you. In today's rural areas, this tradition is still deeply rooted and enduring. The duality of modern ancient and ancient modern China National Community is an extraordinary and great group of people.
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