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    If it is said that a Chinese man wearing a suit, tie, and leather shoes, listening to a symphony in a modern concert hall (a mode of group performance only invented during the Qing Dynasty) or playing the violin is still tenaciously filled with thoughts and thoughts from three thousand years ago. If you keep deep-rooted traditions three Led Studio Lighting for Photoshoot
    thousand years ago, you must think I am crazy. Yes, every Chinese, regardless of you, me or him, we are all living fossils of three thousand years of Chinese civilization. This is the summary of my research for more than 30 years. It's not whether you are eating Western food, playing Western rock, or talking and chatting with distant friends in English. No matter what you wear, what you eat or what you do, even if you hold your camera to shoot the most modern photographs, or cruise on a yacht, you can't deny the Led Studio Lighting for Photoshoot Chinese cultural values ​​in your bones and the traditional ideas that are beneficial to you. In the gradual process of Western civilization, the speed and efficiency of our learning and absorption is almost unparalleled fast and efficient. The ones that are good for us and bad are also chosen by different people to stick to their own opinions. The difference in the understanding of history is that the Western aristocracy and the Christian church have held each other in their hands, and have always controlled the thrones and titles of various countries in the way of father and son inheritance.
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