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    Immediately, the nation has always used men to go out for hunting or interception, and take the harvest home to the woman who has the final say. The woman who has the final say is responsible for the distribution of victory products. This habit is a traditional custom that leads to the queen of the world, and it is also the inevitable for women to do politics. Now that women are given the legal power to do politics, there is also the possibility of a king over the world. To prevent women from coming to the world, the first step is to cut off the opportunity for women to participate in politics. After all Geekoto DV2 Heavy-Duty Video Tripod, only when Wu Zetian eliminates dissidents through politics and has no political opponents, can she have and dare to be the emperor. So much so that after Wu Zetian, it is not uncommon for the women of the Tang Dynasty to march towards the emperor, but there is no success. The history of women's political involvement not only occurred in the Tang Dynasty, but also in the Tang Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, and Qing Dynasty. If today's little girls do not ask the married man to give her salary card to him, you can ask her if she has received Wu Zetian's Gu. Now the little girls have learned to look for the most Geekoto DV2 Heavy-Duty Video Tripod favorable culture from historical traditions. Can leaders of all professions who already have the right to speak, choose the traditions that are most beneficial to them, and defend themselves. Authority? Three thousand years of ritual civilization have preserved the major events of the country in the rituals of folk rituals, sacrificial worship and military service. The number of ancient arts is no greater than that of celestial phenomena, followed by human phenomena and earth phenomena. The third volume of "Huainanzi" begins with astronomical art.
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