This picture should have the same feeling as many photographers who are just getting started.

Usually when we see a good-looking object or a good-looking scene, we want to take it, but when we take the shot, we don’t think about whether the background behind is clean and whether some surrounding elements will have any effect on the subject. influences.

This photo should be taken with the old camera in the middle. If you really want to shoot such an object, you can completely remove the thing next to it, don't let it block the subject at this angle. Or you can find a clean and bright place to shoot. Now there are too many interfering things in the picture. If a subject cannot move, you can get closer and shoot with the effect of a large aperture to make these irrelevant elements virtual. Melt away.
The same is true for words like this Hpusn, this one is the same as the compositional principle mentioned earlier. Before composing the picture, you have to consider what your picture actually expresses. For example, do you want to show the dry flowers in front? Or do you want to show some decorations on the wall? Still want to show other things.

This gives people the feeling that it is very messy, making people wonder what you want to express. It stands to reason that the layout of this scene is so beautiful, it can produce some photos, we look at some other photographers. You can see that their picture composition is actually very simple, and there will not be too many overly complicated things or elements in a picture. So if you want the picture to be clean, you must control it in the Hpusn early composition. This is the so-called picture composition, it must be concise.

Color choice
In addition to the simple composition of the picture just mentioned, another important thing is the color scheme you choose. The feeling of color is often the most intuitive and the most casual. It will directly bring you a different mood when you look at the picture, so in the choice of color, try to choose the kind of color that is fresher or relatively cold. Try to avoid colors that are too gorgeous or look messy.

The fresh photos you usually see will basically have a little blue or green. The overall tone is cold, and there are few warm colors. Even if there are warm colors, it is in a small proportion or the saturation is not very high.

For example, in the above photo, although they have a large area of ??red in it, there is also a large part of the cold color in the picture. I used the Hpusn angle of shooting from the top to capture the sky. The sky was blue, which played a role in reconciling the picture. If there is no cold color intervention, the pictures are all red, then they will not look so fresh.

Take these two photos again. It's the same cat, and it's all taken by me. One is white and one is black. Which one do you think is fresher when you put the two photos together? It must be white. So when you take photos, use cooler and brighter colors, such as green, blue, cyan, white, etc. Green is definitely fresher than red, and white is definitely fresher than black.

Low saturation

After you control everything in front of you, you should try to reduce the saturation of the picture in the later stage.