In addition, don’t take selfies with just an expression. I used to think that I didn’t look good when I laughed. Later I found out that it was just my psychological problem. So you have to practice expressions to enrich your expressions!


    The practice of facial expressions is really important! ! What needs to be emphasized is self-acceptance and don't subjectively think that you are not good-looking.

    I have photographed many beautiful girls. There are models and amateurs. Everyone has their own beautiful expressions, but most people don't do expression management.

    1. Look at the camera

    Pay attention to the relationship between your eyes and the lens. Don't look too far away tonyhart, otherwise your eyes will be too white. The emotions conveyed downward and upward will be different. At the same time, closing and slightly opening the mouth also have different effects on the emotion of the picture.

    Looking at the camera with only one eye, it is easy to have a sense of story.

    2. Not looking at the camera

    Naturally, you can fix your gaze on an object, and don’t look erratic. (Naturally does not mean that there is no god) There will be feelings if there is a sense of concentration.

    3. Laugh!

    It really takes more practice to laugh. I grew a sad face (here only the original expression, that is, when I don’t make any expressions, I feel sad, and I am also very broken!!! ?), it turns out Especially will not laugh. Later, I slowly tried to take pictures every time I took selfies, finally! I!

    Photos that laugh will be more contagious!

    Find a style that suits you:

    It is very important to find your own style. According to my original expression, the most open smile cannot reach the impact of Yui Aragaki's smile. Therefore, I position myself that there are too many cold expressions, I have to practice hard when I laugh, and accept my shortcomings naturally~

    In short, it is to find a photo style that suits you according to your own conditions~

    4. Curious face

    It is very novel to imagine the surrounding scenery~ You can add small movements to your hands~
    5. Shooting special makeup expressions can be tougher

    Summary: Practice more, practice more! The important thing is said three times~ Communicate more with the person taking the photo and strengthen the relationship! Take more shots and feel it slowly, it will get better and better~
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