Don't stay the same, it will be very bad. Because you will slowly feel that your work has no value, then you will have doubts about the industry and lose confidence in yourself. I hope that everyone can maintain their original passion and motivation for photography. You can change your mind and create your own ideas. If you don't have a better choice, try to be good at the moment.
    There are so many incurable diseases in the world, only the heart disease is the most difficult to treat.
    At our age, my parents are over half a year old, but I don't know who the Facebook other half is in bed. Do a work that you are not good at or that you don't like now.

    Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit

    As I just mentioned, the tones of general still life are usually fresh and natural, giving people a feeling of beauty, softness and quietness. Saturation is too high and it tends to be eye-catching. Although it looks amazing at first glance, it doesn't look good after a long time. This is why when we first started to learn the post-photography period, we often liked to adjust all the colors once and the colors were particularly gorgeous. Because this looks quite different from the original image, the greater the difference, the higher the level of color correction, but it is not.

    These are some photos taken by the Japanese photographer Hamada Hideaki. Take a look at its colors.

    Its saturation is not lower than what your eyes see under normal circumstances. Its red is not bright red or particularly bright red. And green is not a bright green, basically the saturation of the entire picture is low Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit. So the picture looks softer and natural. The characteristics of general Japanese photos are generally low saturation.

    Of course, saturation here is also a relative concept, not that the lower the better. If the saturation of the photos you take is already very low, you can also add some saturation appropriately. The main thing is to ensure that the color of your picture is not gorgeous. If the saturation is too low, your picture may be gray and lose its inherent color.


    Appropriately suppress the highlights in the entire picture. This piece is mainly used in the later stage, whether it is in LR and p8, there are options to control exposure and shadow separately. It is this tool (pictured):

    In most cases, the highlight area of ??the photo will be reduced. Because this Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit can find out more details of the bright parts of the picture, and make the picture look softer, the specific operation still depends on the specific situation of the photo. It does not mean that the highlight is suppressed, or the highlight area is drawn to be particularly dark. If this is the case, you can observe some films.

    For example, this film by Hideaki Hamada. The whole of his photos is biased towards a bright tone. Look at the peak of his histogram. The position of the wave crest is mainly on the far right, but there are not so many peaks at both ends. This shows that his highlight is not in a pure white state, but in a state of milky white, milky white, and ivory yellow. This white is not pure white, it is just a state close to white Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit. So although his picture is very bright, the brightness will not be the one with particularly high contrast and harshness. The overall picture gives people a particularly soft, quiet and warm feeling.


    This picture should have the same feeling as many photographers who are just getting started.

    Usually when we see a good-looking object or a good-looking scene, we want to take it, but when we take the shot, we don’t think about whether the background behind is clean and whether some surrounding elements will have any effect on the subject. influences.

    This photo should be taken with the old camera in the middle. If you really want to shoot such an object, you can completely remove the thing next to it, don't let it block the subject at this angle. Or you can find a clean and bright place to shoot. Now there are too many interfering things in the picture. If a subject cannot move, you can get closer and shoot with the effect of a large aperture to make these irrelevant elements virtual. Melt away.
    The same is true for words like this Hpusn, this one is the same as the compositional principle mentioned earlier. Before composing the picture, you have to consider what your picture actually expresses. For example, do you want to show the dry flowers in front? Or do you want to show some decorations on the wall? Still want to show other things.

    This gives people the feeling that it is very messy, making people wonder what you want to express. It stands to reason that the layout of this scene is so beautiful, it can produce some photos, we look at some other photographers. You can see that their picture composition is actually very simple, and there will not be too many overly complicated things or elements in a picture. So if you want the picture to be clean, you must control it in the Hpusn early composition. This is the so-called picture composition, it must be concise.

    Color choice
    In addition to the simple composition of the picture just mentioned, another important thing is the color scheme you choose. The feeling of color is often the most intuitive and the most casual. It will directly bring you a different mood when you look at the picture, so in the choice of color, try to choose the kind of color that is fresher or relatively cold. Try to avoid colors that are too gorgeous or look messy.

    The fresh photos you usually see will basically have a little blue or green. The overall tone is cold, and there are few warm colors. Even if there are warm colors, it is in a small proportion or the saturation is not very high.

    For example, in the above photo, although they have a large area of ??red in it, there is also a large part of the cold color in the picture. I used the Hpusn angle of shooting from the top to capture the sky. The sky was blue, which played a role in reconciling the picture. If there is no cold color intervention, the pictures are all red, then they will not look so fresh.

    Take these two photos again. It's the same cat, and it's all taken by me. One is white and one is black. Which one do you think is fresher when you put the two photos together? It must be white. So when you take photos, use cooler and brighter colors, such as green, blue, cyan, white, etc. Green is definitely fresher than red, and white is definitely fresher than black.

    Low saturation

    After you control everything in front of you, you should try to reduce the saturation of the picture in the later stage.


    In addition, don’t take selfies with just an expression. I used to think that I didn’t look good when I laughed. Later I found out that it was just my psychological problem. So you have to practice expressions to enrich your expressions!


    The practice of facial expressions is really important! ! What needs to be emphasized is self-acceptance and don't subjectively think that you are not good-looking.

    I have photographed many beautiful girls. There are models and amateurs. Everyone has their own beautiful expressions, but most people don't do expression management.

    1. Look at the camera

    Pay attention to the relationship between your eyes and the lens. Don't look too far away tonyhart, otherwise your eyes will be too white. The emotions conveyed downward and upward will be different. At the same time, closing and slightly opening the mouth also have different effects on the emotion of the picture.

    Looking at the camera with only one eye, it is easy to have a sense of story.

    2. Not looking at the camera

    Naturally, you can fix your gaze on an object, and don’t look erratic. (Naturally does not mean that there is no god) There will be feelings if there is a sense of concentration.

    3. Laugh!

    It really takes more practice to laugh. I grew a sad face (here only the original expression, that is, when I don’t make any expressions, I feel sad, and I am also very broken!!! ?), it turns out Especially will not laugh. Later, I slowly tried to take pictures every time I took selfies, finally! I!

    Photos that laugh will be more contagious!

    Find a style that suits you:

    It is very important to find your own style. According to my original expression, the most open smile cannot reach the impact of Yui Aragaki's smile. Therefore, I position myself that there are too many cold expressions, I have to practice hard when I laugh, and accept my shortcomings naturally~

    In short, it is to find a photo style that suits you according to your own conditions~

    4. Curious face

    It is very novel to imagine the surrounding scenery~ You can add small movements to your hands~
    5. Shooting special makeup expressions can be tougher

    Summary: Practice more, practice more! The important thing is said three times~ Communicate more with the person taking the photo and strengthen the relationship! Take more shots and feel it slowly, it will get better and better~

    best ring light for photography

    The industry is in a downturn, and the bosses are scratching their heads. As a photographer, it is a model of normal work, physical strength and so-called artistic atmosphere, and is constantly being exploited. But I also want to warn everyone to have a sense of industry urgency. Today is the best ring light for photography era of universal photography. Taking a photo is not as expensive as it was decades ago. It is so difficult. The mystery of photography has been unveiled by the times.
    Now everyone has a mobile phone, it is easy and convenient to shoot. I believe many photographers have seen their female guests taking selfies. Telling the truth is better than shooting by our professional photographers. Therefore, the industry requirements are getting higher and higher. Everyone must not be too high-spirited, seize the popular elements, and change their own subversion.

    tripod for iphone and camera

    I think that a good photo, in addition to the so-called style definition, the most important thing is to have emotions. This kind of emotion must be true. It can be seen through the photos. There is no absolute authority in the photography industry. A good-looking work can be liked by most people. It is already very popular. However, "beauty" and "good-looking" are very one-sided visual feelings. I always feel that the works with emotional integration are the soul of a good-looking photo, which is tripod for iphone and camera closely related to the photographer's attitude and experience.
    Teacher Zhang Jie's personal opinion on the current status of the photo studio industry

    Ring Light for Makeup Artist

    "From time to time, someone sends private messages asking me, where is your studio? Is the team still recruiting? In fact, I have always been alone, taking a SLR camera to visit the museum, taking pictures, selecting pictures, editing pictures, and publishing. It's me." Artery Ying told reporters. Artery Ying has been interested in cultural museums and history many years ago, and has been to many museums, but at that time he was just checking in and visiting. In December 2012, he and his friends traveled to Xi'an. When he admired the Hejiacun cellar exhibition at the Shaanxi History Museum, he was greatly shocked by the gorgeous and exquisite gold and silverware. "I seem to have suddenly become acquainted with the beauty of the details of the Ring Light for Makeup Artist cultural relics that I have never experienced before." He posted his own photograph of the golden bowl of mandarin duck and lotus petals in the Tang Dynasty on Weibo, which received a lot of praise. Since then, arteries have become more involved in viewing exhibitions and taking pictures, often spending a whole day in the museum. Every night, he will take an hour or two to process pictures and update Weibo. In March 2016, Artery Ying released a half-moon-shaped jade comb picture of the Southern Song Dynasty, which was forwarded 24,000, which made his Weibo experience an "explosive increase in fans". In March 2018, he released the Qing Qianlong Furong Shipanjia Ear Cover Furnace from the Ring Light for Makeup Artist Nanjing Museum Collection and received 170,000 re-comments. Netizens left comments and exclaimed "It's so beautiful", "Like a strawberry smoothie", "I can't believe this is Qianlong's aesthetic."

    Product Photography Lighting

    "After staying at home for a long time, I was finally able to walk into the museum to see the exhibition again. The familiar happiness is back." At the end of May, Wuhan photographer Artery Ying (net name) started his first trip this year and walked into Hangzhou, Many museums in Nanjing enjoy wonderful exhibitions and photograph favorite cultural relics. Since 2012, Artery Shadow has continued to publish his own photos of museum cultural relics on the Product Photography Lighting Internet, which has attracted the attention and love of many netizens. In the past eight years, he has traveled to more than 200 museums at home and abroad, took nearly 500,000 photos, and has 3.91 million followers on Weibo. The cultural relics under his lens have a touching beauty, and people can't help but walk into the Product Photography Lighting museum and fall in love with the museum. Because of love, I insist on weaving blue fabrics with flower patterns and bat patterns, embroidered with pavilions, pavilions, flowers, trees, and landscapes with various embroidery methods such as gold plate and seeding. This is a pair of Qing dynasty sleeves taken by Artery Shadow at the Chinese Fan Museum in Hangzhou not long ago. The pictures and text introductions he released showed the exquisite details of ancient women's clothing to the fullest, and aroused the admiration of many netizens for traditional Chinese clothing. Looking at Artery Shadow's works, you might think that he is a professional in the field of cultural and cultural activities. In fact, he is just a "post-85" financial industry worker, shooting museum artifacts purely out of hobby.

    Studio Lighting Photography Kit

    Thousands of years of historical inheritance is passed on from generation to generation, never extinguished, and never deteriorating because of its adherence to pragmatism. Throughout history, whether active or passive, every time aborigines encounter new immigrants. At that time, they are able to accept and graft each other. For example, Zhou entered the Central Plains, which grafted Shang’s cultural tradition of sacrificing ghosts and gods, and Shang also accepted Zhou’s clan system. Since then, praying for ghosts and gods and respecting ancestors have become the source of civilization of Chinese civilization, radiating everywhere and gradually assimilating. Under the general trend of China's market integration, the surrounding local forces that do not have the ability to resist the right to speak in the market have also succumbed to China's system of weights and measures, making China's civilization spread more widely. This process promotes greater integration. During this period, war horses and tea have become media and market demands for each other. When normal trade exchanges are blocked, hot conflicts lead to new power reshuffles. In the shuffling process, new cultural traditions re-enter and merge with the original traditions again. For example, with the collapse of the authority of the Han Dynasty, the Northwestern nation brought in Indian Buddhism, but the overall framework was never completely torn or even abandoned, and there was no new force to ban and replace the Chinese main idea, which would affect the later culture. In the process of absorption, in order to strengthen the inheritance of the royal power of the father and son family and break the election system of the headman coalition of the grassland nation, starting from pragmatism, the theme Studio Lighting Photography Kit of "praying for ghosts and gods and respecting ancestors" has been continuously strengthened. What's more, the history of thousands of years is too rich, and it provides future generations with any stories and reasons that can be borrowed to be unreasonable. (The "story" here refers to the two words repeatedly emphasized by the ancients in the past. The word "story" is very important). The process depends on who has the final right to interpret and speak. Whoever is right and who is wrong seems to be able to find convincing reasons in history. At this time, it doesn't matter who is right or who is wrong, what matters is Studio Lighting Photography Kit who owns the final interpretation right. It doesn't matter which era or country the idea you advocate comes from, and whether it is the essence of culture or dregs!

    Hpusn LED Panel Lighting

    After this photo became popular, visitors often asked the staff of Nanjing Museum with their mobile phones: "Where is this incense burner?" In December 2018, Artery Shadow was rated as one of the "Ten Most Influential V" of Sina Weibo Humanities and Arts One. On the suggestion of the staff, he had always been low-key to add V certification to his Weibo. Today, Artery Shadow has released more than 17,000 photos and accumulated nearly 4 million Weibo fans. "The photos are really well taken, but what I admire most about him is Hpusn LED Panel Lighting perseverance." Zhihu netizens commented on the arterial shadow. "Some people always ask me why I can hold on for so long. In fact, for me, it is an easy and fun thing. It never feels hard. Museums and cinemas are almost the same, they are places that can bring me physical and mental pleasure. 8 years There is no change in my mentality, I have been doing what I like, and I don't need to deliberately persist." Artery Ying said. The curator of the museum is his fan "Looking up at the starry sky" Boshan furnace, curvy bronze kettle, quiet and contemplative silhouette of Buddha, kiln transformed into a pomegranate statue that shines like a Hpusn LED Panel Lighting galaxy... the image of cultural relics taken by arterial shadow, in angle and composition Ingenuity, highlights the most beautiful side of cultural relics. “It’s an intuitive appreciation to see with your eyes, and you can think about it when you shoot it with a lens. From what angle will this artifact be more beautiful.

    Geekoto GT200 Flash Speedlite Kit

    Most of the artifacts in the museum catalog are'document photos', which fully show what it looks like. I usually focus on the local details and record what I think is the most beautiful and valuable.” Artery Shadow takes a variety of postures, standing, squatting, lying down, lying down, and trying various postures and angles. Therefore, some unusual compositions can always be taken, and some details that are not easily noticeable when browsing quickly. In order to take satisfactory photos, he will do his homework before viewing the exhibition, go to line up early before the museum opens, carefully wipe the Geekoto GT200 Flash Speedlite Kit marks on the glass cover of the showcase, and cleverly use the audience next to him as the background. He compares his love for museum artifacts to the pursuit of idols by "rice circle girls". “The fans know the idol’s information and schedule very well. They rushed to see the concert and took photos of the idol’s shining side with a camera. I went to the exhibition and took photos in a similar mood.” Artery Ying said, guided by interest and love I go to read and study by myself, pay close attention to the exhibition information, immerse myself in this process, and feel very happy. Due to frequent business trips, Artery Shadow often uses the opportunity of business trips to visit local museums. Whenever an important exhibition opens, he will make a special trip to see the exhibition outside. In 2018, Song Huizong Zhao Ji's "Ruihe Tu" was exhibited at the Geekoto GT200 Flash Speedlite Kit Liaoning Provincial Museum. In order to see the real face of the famous painting, Artery Shadow took a weekend to fly to Shenyang. "Seeing those precious cultural relics that have appeared many times in books and documentaries, it seems to have met old friends who have known each other for many years. It is very cordial."

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    Those Finland television show Madventures, The compliments demonstrate to in case the folks are iPad Mini Cases for Cheap enroute to a like conventional using asia. Numerous series containning the zentai business two-piece one-piece works with we might inventory reveal: Arte, An eu show on tv, And consequently later on, definitely moderately converted into your saudi arabia; Smirnoff posting by way of indian, Then there's a woman employing a tiger woods lycra spandex zentai costume.

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    Find a posh lion to qualify for the chocolate pail, And that they get to go somewhere with a little cool fellow! You can want currently each of our lion in the form of horrifying man or wohuman being-eater. Then add initials in order to really our hair, And perhaps just a few parasite smile identical, But it will surely be like its definitely fangs are probably prohibited. With regard to toy inside ocean, Put currently each of our lion's victim. Get such as a minute piled high giraffe, But add a tiny little untrue blood stream in order that Pokemon Cosplay Costumes it amounts to just a new ruin at this dangerous lion. Jammed predators must be used in a lot of more ways to enable any kind of halloween attire.

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