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    Most of the artifacts in the museum catalog are'document photos', which fully show what it looks like. I usually focus on the local details and record what I think is the most beautiful and valuable.” Artery Shadow takes a variety of postures, standing, squatting, lying down, lying down, and trying various postures and angles. Therefore, some unusual compositions can always be taken, and some details that are not easily noticeable when browsing quickly. In order to take satisfactory photos, he will do his homework before viewing the exhibition, go to line up early before the museum opens, carefully wipe the Geekoto GT200 Flash Speedlite Kit marks on the glass cover of the showcase, and cleverly use the audience next to him as the background. He compares his love for museum artifacts to the pursuit of idols by "rice circle girls". “The fans know the idol’s information and schedule very well. They rushed to see the concert and took photos of the idol’s shining side with a camera. I went to the exhibition and took photos in a similar mood.” Artery Ying said, guided by interest and love I go to read and study by myself, pay close attention to the exhibition information, immerse myself in this process, and feel very happy. Due to frequent business trips, Artery Shadow often uses the opportunity of business trips to visit local museums. Whenever an important exhibition opens, he will make a special trip to see the exhibition outside. In 2018, Song Huizong Zhao Ji's "Ruihe Tu" was exhibited at the Geekoto GT200 Flash Speedlite Kit Liaoning Provincial Museum. In order to see the real face of the famous painting, Artery Shadow took a weekend to fly to Shenyang. "Seeing those precious cultural relics that have appeared many times in books and documentaries, it seems to have met old friends who have known each other for many years. It is very cordial."
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