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It is not our practice to request formal testimonials from our various clients, however some have done so of their own accord. Here is what they have been saying:


Macrete Ireland Limited

(ITI carried out an assessment and re-design of a wire-winding machine in Macrete's pre-stressed concrete pipe making plant. Refer to the Case Studies page for more information.)

"…we have been most impressed by the standard of service offered so far to our company by Innovation Technologies (Ireland) Limited, with whom we have every intention of maintaining close links. Furthermore, we would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any other companies with similar needs."

Dr. F. W. Hogg, Managing Director

Strangford Lough Yacht Club 

(SLYC have installed and successfully operated two Mk 1 Sailing event timers.)

"… the word is that it was the best start in years."

"I got the lights all wired on the Friday, the best is the rotating orange flasher, EVERYONE in the Lough said they could see that so the 5 second 'smoke simulator' idea worked well."

"Your Race Timer is a dream, you only realise how much it simplifies life when you actually hit the AUTO button for the first time and relax as it does the work. Henry was dead right about that."

"It is sad that some folk may never achieve the lateral leap to get their Club into this electronic century never mind the coming one! … they would be daft to stay in the dark ages a day longer … "

John McWilliam

"I wired it up today. Your instructions were superb! It is SO SIMPLE to operate - a great job, thanks!"

John [McWilliam]

Killyleagh Box Company Limited

(ITI designed, built and commissioned a hot-air welding machine for KBC. See to the Case Studies page for more information.)

"In September 1998 an executive from MTP introduced the former General Manager of Killyleagh Box Company (KBC) to Innovation Technologies (Ireland) Limited with the view to solving a particular problem area we had in production. ITI were given an outline brief and in conjunction with the Queens University Polymer Research Department were asked to come up with proposals for a hot air welder for the seams of corrugated Polypropolene boxes.

Initial funding came from MTP... and enabled a viability study to be carried out and proposals to be formulated.

After a fair amount of testing, ITI proposed to make the machine and submitted costs. LEDU provided a significant grant to the project at this stage and boosted our confidence that we had indeed an answer to one of our main problems in production, in particular the production of multi-trip packaging.

ITI then made the machine and set it up on site. At this point it is important to point out that although it was not a case of re-inventing the wheel it was very much an unknown area of technology in that the finished machine is a one-off...

KBC are indebted to the efforts of Innovation Technologies (Ireland) Limited which began with a can-do attitude at the proto-type stages and finished with the confidence of producing an actual working model which has had major implications on our product and marketing strategy. Their confidence that they could produce an answer to our problem in turn gave us the confidence to stick with the project."

Adrian Humphreys, Managing Director

Islandmagee & District Conservation Society

"The Society is particularly grateful for the considerable time and effort which you dedicated to the analysis, both of the numerical tidal flow model and the Probabilistic Risk Assessment as submitted by the applicant's representatives at the Inquiry… "

"We were also both delighted and impressed by the persistence which you showed in pursuing your technical queries in the months which immediately followed the end of the Inquiry, and by the numerous influential correspondences which you established and maintained. The merit and strength of your arguments came through very strongly in each of those forceful exchanges. We suspect that they must have contributed not insignificantly to the atmosphere in which the decision to reject the [landfill] scheme was ultimately made."

Charles Smith, Chairman
E. H. T. Chambers CEng MICE, Technical Co-ordinator

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