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    Do you have to increase exposure compensation when shooting snow?
    Speaking of the
    principle of white plus black reduction, you will take the snow to give an example. Must you increase the exposure compensation for shooting snow? This is also to see the situation.
    For example, in the case of the above, the large area of ​​the picture is snow. If it is the light of the sun, it is necessary to increase the exposure compensation, and the snow can be white. When the following situation is encountered, the overall environment is darker on cloudy days, and the reflection of snow is UBeesize Ring Lights not strong, and normal exposure is enough.
    Therefore, in the use of exposure compensation, the principle of white plus black reduction is also flexibly adjusted according to the situation on the spot.
    Is it exposed to the left or right?

    Hpusn Website

    Let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Mai Da Yu. I am a post-90s photographer. Usually, I mainly take photos of daily life, which are basically small things around me. Bai Ji is mainly a recorder. I kept the pictures that I saw and found it interesting, so my pictures are mostly still life.

    First of all, I think still life photography is relatively simple compared to portraits, and it is easier to control, because when we shoot a still life, it is mainly a still thing. It's not as troublesome as portraits. In addition to controlling Bai Ji's angle of photography, the photographer also needs to control the pose of the subject, the costume of the character, the makeup of the character, etc.

    In the later stage, still life photography only involves toning, while portrait photography needs to involve dermabrasion and liquefaction in addition to toning. So, if you are starting to get started, you can choose to shoot still life Hpusn Website
    , first practice color grading and then ignore the objective factors of the model, and focus your main energy on the color of the photo you took.

    First, practice your composition and color abilities with still life. From easy to difficult, start slowly. This is very helpful for you to learn photography.

    Features of Fresh Photos

    Let's first look at what aspects of still life photography need to pay attention to. I will first post a few of my personal works to take a look. In order to facilitate the observation, I divided the main colors in the Hpusn Website picture into several color blocks, and you can feel the characteristics of them.

    Photo analysis

    First of all, I think the biggest feature is that the screen is relatively clean, which is mainly reflected in several aspects.
    The first is that the main body is relatively clear in the composition of the whole picture, and there are no other debris into the picture.

    Secondly, in terms of color, in most cases, it is a colder and lighter color, and there is no color that is particularly gorgeous or particularly dull.

    Finally, the overall look is softer and quieter.

    So when we observe a photo, we should consider the following aspects: picture composition, main hue, highlight, saturation.

    Screen composition

    The composition of the picture mainly refers to the elements and combinations in a photo. To put it bluntly, this is similar to your composition. A good photo usually has a relatively concise composition and a clear theme Hpusn Website, so that others will know what you want to express at a glance. There will not be too many clutter or elements irrelevant to the theme. Like what I posted before, the pictures are very concise, maybe the subject is just one object, and there is no extra thing to interfere with your sight.


    I have always wanted to do a tutorial on how to be photographed, because I am a photographer + wild model. When taking pictures of girls, there are often beautiful girls who tell me that they have a bad camera sense, and they don't know how to pose. I have to admit that some people are born with a good lens sense, but the lens sense can be cultivated! There are also a lot of skills here~ These skills are all accumulated when I was shooting others and being filmed!

    First, looking in the mirror and taking a selfie is an important way to practice lens perception. Looking in the mirror can build self-confidence, but photos will magnify our shortcomings. There are so many factors that affect photogenicity, such as lens, focal length, light...many people look better than real people (someone look better than themselves). So the first step is to know what it looks like when you shoot, so that you can know your own advantages and disadvantages, and then find a lens that suits you.

    Indifferent faces/advanced faces are very popular nowadays. You can practice opening your mouth slightly and keeping your eyes away from the camera.

    Net yarn is a common prop, you can hold it or block your face to make your selfie different from others!
    Put on a beautiful makeup when there are no props! You can also lift your cheeks and scissors hands~
    It’s okay to look sideways without looking at the camera!
    Putting your hands on your head is very versatile, you can switch between laughter and high coldness!

    Don’t blindly take a selfie from top to bottom. You can try to take a photo from the front with your head slightly upward (for babies who don’t look good at this angle, you can use long earrings to modify your face~)

    The feeling of looking up into the distance is also very suitable! When taking selfies, look for a suitable angle.

    After taking a selfie, you can add a small sticker to increase the cuteness value!

    cell phone tripod with remote

    If we want to ensure the details of the sky, reduce the two-stage exposure compensation, and pay attention to the dark part of the picture, as long as it is not dead, it is ok.
    In the later stage, the brightness of the dark part is slightly corrected, and the sky and dark details of the picture are guaranteed.
    Exposure does not make up, it has a lot to do with metering
    When do I need to use exposure compensation? how to use?
    This has a lot to do with metering. If you have accurate metering and normal exposure, you don't need to make up. If you don't measure the cell phone tripod with remote light, you will reduce one file after the exposure, and one or two files if you are not exposed. It is as simple as that. Take the following figures as an example to illustrate.

    ring light for sale

    In many shooting tutorials, everyone has taken "never owe" to the correct method of shooting. Later, someone suggested that "Ning owe not to expose" is the filming experience of the film era, which is outdated. On the contrary, on a digital camera, it should be "not exposed to owe" and should be exposed to the ring light for sale right. What do you think of this problem?
    If the dark side of the picture is mostly bright, it is ok to expose to the right, and the data taken is larger than the left exposure. If the picture is bright, on the contrary, the photo is taken to the left and the photo data is larger. In the shooting, you still need to follow up the situation to deal with.
    For example, in the following scene, if we are exposed normally, the details of the sky will be completely gone, let alone the exposure to the right. This kind of sky can't be pulled back later.

    Strobe Light Photography Kit

    Where's the child? From an expert point of view, the style is very low. But his power is relatively large, so I feel very sad. Plaster painting is a compulsory course of art education. But Wu Guanzhong believes that painting plaster statues will wipe out the artistic feeling. The plaster seems to be dead, and now the people who are required to paint must buckle up, to paint correctly, to paint like, the result is that the more like the painting, the less sense it is Strobe Light Photography Kit. Art needs illusion, there is no art without illusion. Art must be imaginative and full of emotion. Artists need to have richer imagination and emotional accumulation than ordinary people. In the Wu Guan Center, "Xu Beihong plays a very important role. He is in a very important position, so he has a lot of power. But we advocate the blossoming of a hundred flowers. Anything is fine. I look at the current situation. Realism is desperately trying to paint those subjects, which of course is fine. I am thinking about this problem. The function of art is like poetry. Of course, illustrations can be drawn, but this is not its main job. The main task is to create beauty and create the Strobe Light Photography Kit spiritual world. .But now all aspects of society do not pay attention to this point. Xu Beihong has distorted the direction of aesthetics. With the influence of the Soviet Union, Soviet things are still second-hand, and they are learned from Europe. After these things came, they changed the aesthetics of China. The direction is affected." Art is born out of feelings. Art is born out of feelings. Art is born out of feelings. For example, if I have feelings for you, I will use various methods to communicate with you with eyes, words, and ears. When I draw something, I am not drawing the thing itself, but to tell you my thoughts and feelings through this thing, and you will have new feelings when you look at it. The sunflower that Van Gogh painted was not a portrait of a sunflower, but a combination of sunflowers with different personalities. It was a kind of emotion, not the sunflower itself. Therefore, art is a feeling.

    Hpusn LED Selfie Ring Light

    "I will definitely go if I can. I want to see the Hubei Provincial Museum and also want to eat hot dry noodles!" Netizens left a message expressing their yearning. China Culture Net translated this video into English and posted it on overseas social media platforms to show the world the splendid history and culture of Hubei. During the "5·18" International Museum Day, Artery Shadow participated in the "Immersive Museum" activity initiated by Sina Weibo, "endorsing" the Hunan Provincial Museum, and summed up his many years of visiting experience, and classified the museums worth seeing according to different Recommend topics and Hpusn LED Selfie Ring Light categories to everyone. “I plan to go to the Shanghai Museum next month to see the exhibition. This year, the supporting exhibition of the Forbidden City to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the Forbidden City is also worth looking forward to." Artery Ying revealed that in the future, it may cooperate with the museum to create a video program and also hold a personal photography exhibition. "I hope my works can attract more people to the museum, to feel the beauty of cultural relics, and the charm of traditional Chinese culture." Staying on the level of "painting like", such paintings are portraits,Hpusn LED Selfie Ring Light
    not art. We must do art, but we cannot do Russian art, nor Western art, but Chinese art. ) Wu Guanzhong: "Drawing like" is not art. The current situation of contemporary art is rather chaotic and there are many misunderstandings. It can be said that "misunderstandings are everywhere". We live in the cracks and we want to do art, but this kind of art should not be Western However, in art, there are many things that are not art but rubbish. We used to follow the road of Russian realism, and the painter's painting stayed on the level of "painting like". Such paintings are portraits, not art. Xu Beihong can be called a painter, a painter, and a painter, but he is "beautiful blind" because he does not understand beauty at all from his works. His painting "The Foolish Old Man Moves the Mountain" is very ugly.

    Hpusn Softbox Lighting Kit

    After reading your pictures and description, I have a new perspective and feel that this cultural relic is more beautiful. "Artery Ying’s Weibo is dominated by pictures, and the text is very simple. Sometimes he will say what this cultural relic looks like, and tell its origin and story. Some fans were not originally enthusiasts of cultural activities, but were moved by the Hpusn Softbox Lighting Kit pictures he took and became interested in museums. "Many netizens told me that I used to go to the museum once in two or three years, but now I have to go to the museum at least three or four times a year. This makes me feel that what I am doing is very meaningful." As Weibo fans increase and influence expands, Artery Shadow has received more and more invitations from museums, and the cooperation method has also extended from taking photos and Hpusn Softbox Lighting Kit promoting exhibitions to cultural and creative product development. In 2019, Artery Shadow and the Palace Museum jointly launched a series of notebooks and postcards "Guan Porcelain". He also opened a special topic on Weibo "What to see this week exhibition", regularly recommending domestic museum boutique exhibitions. During the Spring Festival this year, Artery Shadow compiled dozens of online exhibition links to facilitate everyone's "cloud shopping exhibition". This Weibo has been reposted more than 70,000 times, liked more than 40,000, and the museum's official microblog recommended its own exhibition in the message. "The flowers downstairs are already in bloom, and domestic museums have opened one after another, but the Hubei Provincial Museum in my hometown is estimated to be open for a while." On March 30, Artery Shadow posted a link with "Google A short video jointly produced by "Art and Culture" led everyone to "wander around" the Hubei Provincial Museum. Precious cultural relics such as the Zenghouyi chime, bronze drum seat, Yuewang Goujian sword, and painted woodcarving sika deer were unveiled. "Thank you for letting us discover beauty!"

    Portable Photography Light Kit

    He will also exchange exhibition information and experience with netizens on Weibo. "My Weibo fans have everyone." Artery Ying sighed, and a "big cow" would pop up from time to time, bringing him surprises. Once he posted a picture of a cup, saying that he did not recognize the inscription on it. It didn't take long for him to leave a message pointing out that it was in Xixia script and to translate the inscription. On another occasion, he posted a cultural relic. Someone left a message to add some professional knowledge. After asking, he knew that the message was the Portable Photography Light Kit curator of this museum. "Many museum curators claim to be my fans, and museum staff pay more attention to me. Some have been following me since 2012 and 2013. My Weibo is often reposted by the official microblogs of various museums." As an amateur, being able to be recognized by so many museum professionals makes Artery Shadow quite a sense of accomplishment. Let more people feel the beauty of cultural relics. In 2015, Wuhan Museum invited arterial imaging to photograph the cultural relics in the museum's app. That was the first time he walked into the museum as an "uncommon audience". "They want me to take some photos that are Portable Photography Light Kit different from the traditional data maps, purely from the perspective of beauty." These photos can now be seen on the display boards and electronic screens of the Wuhan Museum. "Many people think that the museum is a tall place, and the cultural relics in the exhibition are incomprehensible. In fact, I think you can put aside the profound background knowledge and appreciate the cultural relics directly from the perspective of beauty. What I did on Weibo, It is to share the beauty I feel with everyone.” Artery Ying once posted a picture of the lid of the utensil, describing it as an upside-down lotus in the water. "A museum volunteer left a message: I have been volunteering in this museum for many years, and I have never appreciated this cultural relic from this perspective.

    Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit

    Some organizations are engaged in gatherings every year, and a large group of people go down collectively, holding a banner, and taking pictures with fellow villagers. By doing so, fellow villagers dare not speak. The true collection of customs is to go on secretly, to live among the people, to experience the customs, and to understand the sufferings of the people. This process is very difficult. If a young person's impulse to learn painting is like pouring boiling water on the grass, he can't die, only then can he learn it. Hou Baolin's children learned cross talk secretly, Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit and they all succeeded. This is a typical example. The blind expansion of the art academy will only mislead people. None of my children learn to paint. Learning to paint is a hobby. You can, as a major, try not to do it. Artists cannot be cultivated by "training since childhood." Many children now go to the Children's Palace at a very young age and practice piano at a very young age, but most of them will never become artists. Only when you have a deep feeling for art and go through hardships can you have a real feeling for art. What art emphasizes is "different." When I was studying art in Paris, I felt painting was particularly noble and sacred. Once, when I came to the world-famous painting square in Montmartre, I saw that it was all paintings sellers. At that moment I was heartbroken. Back at the college, whenever I saw my classmates go out carrying a picture folder and picture box, I always felt that they had to go to the square to sell pictures. That taste makes me uncomfortable. I have never been to that square again. Since then Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit, my concept has changed. I feel that art is not as noble as I imagined. Art should belong to the people and the masses. A few years ago, I had been to 798 and also quietly to Songzhuang. In Songzhuang, I saw a few painters. Of course, each painter's situation is different. Some people are working hard, some are speculating, and there are all kinds of people.

    It is impossible to generalize. But in general, they are at least non-governmental, closer to the people and closer to the soil than the academy. I also came from an academy, but I felt that I was still in the folk team, so later I decided to exhibit in 798, and I also wanted to see if my works were acceptable to ordinary people. The need for exchanges in artistic innovation is limited to innovation in the knowledge circle of this old grandfather of the nation, and cannot create the new today and the new tomorrow. Studying abroad is very important. When you study abroad, you have comparisons before you know our traditional limitations. I am definitely not against tradition. Our tradition has good things, but I think many things are dross. Therefore, any culture must communicate. In our time, studying abroad was not easy. Many people did not understand foreign languages. Although Western paintings could read a little bit, they could not have a deeper understanding without language exchange. There are many truths in painting. If you just look at it, you can only learn the skin, and some even have a counterproductive effect. The final work is like pouring tea into coffee, which is nondescript. It is very difficult to truly understand both the East and the West, and to understand the essence of it. Lin Fengmian combines Western modernity with Chinese tradition very well. You can only compare with our national art after reading the original works of Western masters. Only after comparing and communicating can you truly become talented. Let my art grow in the motherland for a period of time. I think Western museums are the main place to preserve my works. However, Western art has not developed fast in recent years, and it has basically kept its pace. The British Museum, the Xenuzzi Museum in Paris, and the Detroit Museum in the United States have all held personal exhibitions for me.

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    The exact white or black bows I available at Joann's, It was eventually rather stronger because i want yet somehow operated all right. My partner and my spouse and when i actually put in a ruffle to the foot of the wedding dress--Which inturn wouldn't closely be right for, Despite the fact that Miranda said hello was penalty. There's no doubt that my mom had become noticed that you grow a tiny little careful when i grew into obsessed about the Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases for Cheap main points. There's even a dark colored reddish lace sewed to the lower part ruffle.

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    Although the item structure-Chained enemy via your sewer line on the internet-Thump superman, He might up-Talk about your boyfriend. Bane amazing sophisticated again situation makes an unmissable stare at remarkably a very tight large using a compare the penitentiary. Children of men soars movement downloads As for the remainder of the superlegend-Studded shed? Whilst gary Oldman is just pure group as arrest Commearlsioner and thus Gordon through Marion Cottilard -Charm bracelets every just as-Gooder businesswoman Miranda Tate. One request yourself needn make the effort asking about is iPad Air 2 Cases Canada if Anne Hathaway is smokin toasty in their own artificial buff Catwoman costume.

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