I have always wanted to do a tutorial on how to be photographed, because I am a photographer + wild model. When taking pictures of girls, there are often beautiful girls who tell me that they have a bad camera sense, and they don't know how to pose. I have to admit that some people are born with a good lens sense, but the lens sense can be cultivated! There are also a lot of skills here~ These skills are all accumulated when I was shooting others and being filmed!

    First, looking in the mirror and taking a selfie is an important way to practice lens perception. Looking in the mirror can build self-confidence, but photos will magnify our shortcomings. There are so many factors that affect photogenicity, such as lens, focal length, light...many people look better than real people (someone look better than themselves). So the first step is to know what it looks like when you shoot, so that you can know your own advantages and disadvantages, and then find a lens that suits you.

    Indifferent faces/advanced faces are very popular nowadays. You can practice opening your mouth slightly and keeping your eyes away from the camera.

    Net yarn is a common prop, you can hold it or block your face to make your selfie different from others!
    Put on a beautiful makeup when there are no props! You can also lift your cheeks and scissors hands~
    It’s okay to look sideways without looking at the camera!
    Putting your hands on your head is very versatile, you can switch between laughter and high coldness!

    Don’t blindly take a selfie from top to bottom. You can try to take a photo from the front with your head slightly upward (for babies who don’t look good at this angle, you can use long earrings to modify your face~)

    The feeling of looking up into the distance is also very suitable! When taking selfies, look for a suitable angle.

    After taking a selfie, you can add a small sticker to increase the cuteness value!
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