It is impossible to generalize. But in general, they are at least non-governmental, closer to the people and closer to the soil than the academy. I also came from an academy, but I felt that I was still in the folk team, so later I decided to exhibit in 798, and I also wanted to see if my works were acceptable to ordinary people. The need for exchanges in artistic innovation is limited to innovation in the knowledge circle of this old grandfather of the nation, and cannot create the new today and the new tomorrow. Studying abroad is very important. When you study abroad, you have comparisons before you know our traditional limitations. I am definitely not against tradition. Our tradition has good things, but I think many things are dross. Therefore, any culture must communicate. In our time, studying abroad was not easy. Many people did not understand foreign languages. Although Western paintings could read a little bit, they could not have a deeper understanding without language exchange. There are many truths in painting. If you just look at it, you can only learn the skin, and some even have a counterproductive effect. The final work is like pouring tea into coffee, which is nondescript. It is very difficult to truly understand both the East and the West, and to understand the essence of it. Lin Fengmian combines Western modernity with Chinese tradition very well. You can only compare with our national art after reading the original works of Western masters. Only after comparing and communicating can you truly become talented. Let my art grow in the motherland for a period of time. I think Western museums are the main place to preserve my works. However, Western art has not developed fast in recent years, and it has basically kept its pace. The British Museum, the Xenuzzi Museum in Paris, and the Detroit Museum in the United States have all held personal exhibitions for me.
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