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    Let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Mai Da Yu. I am a post-90s photographer. Usually, I mainly take photos of daily life, which are basically small things around me. Bai Ji is mainly a recorder. I kept the pictures that I saw and found it interesting, so my pictures are mostly still life.

    First of all, I think still life photography is relatively simple compared to portraits, and it is easier to control, because when we shoot a still life, it is mainly a still thing. It's not as troublesome as portraits. In addition to controlling Bai Ji's angle of photography, the photographer also needs to control the pose of the subject, the costume of the character, the makeup of the character, etc.

    In the later stage, still life photography only involves toning, while portrait photography needs to involve dermabrasion and liquefaction in addition to toning. So, if you are starting to get started, you can choose to shoot still life Hpusn Website
    , first practice color grading and then ignore the objective factors of the model, and focus your main energy on the color of the photo you took.

    First, practice your composition and color abilities with still life. From easy to difficult, start slowly. This is very helpful for you to learn photography.

    Features of Fresh Photos

    Let's first look at what aspects of still life photography need to pay attention to. I will first post a few of my personal works to take a look. In order to facilitate the observation, I divided the main colors in the Hpusn Website picture into several color blocks, and you can feel the characteristics of them.

    Photo analysis

    First of all, I think the biggest feature is that the screen is relatively clean, which is mainly reflected in several aspects.
    The first is that the main body is relatively clear in the composition of the whole picture, and there are no other debris into the picture.

    Secondly, in terms of color, in most cases, it is a colder and lighter color, and there is no color that is particularly gorgeous or particularly dull.

    Finally, the overall look is softer and quieter.

    So when we observe a photo, we should consider the following aspects: picture composition, main hue, highlight, saturation.

    Screen composition

    The composition of the picture mainly refers to the elements and combinations in a photo. To put it bluntly, this is similar to your composition. A good photo usually has a relatively concise composition and a clear theme Hpusn Website, so that others will know what you want to express at a glance. There will not be too many clutter or elements irrelevant to the theme. Like what I posted before, the pictures are very concise, maybe the subject is just one object, and there is no extra thing to interfere with your sight.
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