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    Where's the child? From an expert point of view, the style is very low. But his power is relatively large, so I feel very sad. Plaster painting is a compulsory course of art education. But Wu Guanzhong believes that painting plaster statues will wipe out the artistic feeling. The plaster seems to be dead, and now the people who are required to paint must buckle up, to paint correctly, to paint like, the result is that the more like the painting, the less sense it is Strobe Light Photography Kit. Art needs illusion, there is no art without illusion. Art must be imaginative and full of emotion. Artists need to have richer imagination and emotional accumulation than ordinary people. In the Wu Guan Center, "Xu Beihong plays a very important role. He is in a very important position, so he has a lot of power. But we advocate the blossoming of a hundred flowers. Anything is fine. I look at the current situation. Realism is desperately trying to paint those subjects, which of course is fine. I am thinking about this problem. The function of art is like poetry. Of course, illustrations can be drawn, but this is not its main job. The main task is to create beauty and create the Strobe Light Photography Kit spiritual world. .But now all aspects of society do not pay attention to this point. Xu Beihong has distorted the direction of aesthetics. With the influence of the Soviet Union, Soviet things are still second-hand, and they are learned from Europe. After these things came, they changed the aesthetics of China. The direction is affected." Art is born out of feelings. Art is born out of feelings. Art is born out of feelings. For example, if I have feelings for you, I will use various methods to communicate with you with eyes, words, and ears. When I draw something, I am not drawing the thing itself, but to tell you my thoughts and feelings through this thing, and you will have new feelings when you look at it. The sunflower that Van Gogh painted was not a portrait of a sunflower, but a combination of sunflowers with different personalities. It was a kind of emotion, not the sunflower itself. Therefore, art is a feeling.
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