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    He will also exchange exhibition information and experience with netizens on Weibo. "My Weibo fans have everyone." Artery Ying sighed, and a "big cow" would pop up from time to time, bringing him surprises. Once he posted a picture of a cup, saying that he did not recognize the inscription on it. It didn't take long for him to leave a message pointing out that it was in Xixia script and to translate the inscription. On another occasion, he posted a cultural relic. Someone left a message to add some professional knowledge. After asking, he knew that the message was the Portable Photography Light Kit curator of this museum. "Many museum curators claim to be my fans, and museum staff pay more attention to me. Some have been following me since 2012 and 2013. My Weibo is often reposted by the official microblogs of various museums." As an amateur, being able to be recognized by so many museum professionals makes Artery Shadow quite a sense of accomplishment. Let more people feel the beauty of cultural relics. In 2015, Wuhan Museum invited arterial imaging to photograph the cultural relics in the museum's app. That was the first time he walked into the museum as an "uncommon audience". "They want me to take some photos that are Portable Photography Light Kit different from the traditional data maps, purely from the perspective of beauty." These photos can now be seen on the display boards and electronic screens of the Wuhan Museum. "Many people think that the museum is a tall place, and the cultural relics in the exhibition are incomprehensible. In fact, I think you can put aside the profound background knowledge and appreciate the cultural relics directly from the perspective of beauty. What I did on Weibo, It is to share the beauty I feel with everyone.” Artery Ying once posted a picture of the lid of the utensil, describing it as an upside-down lotus in the water. "A museum volunteer left a message: I have been volunteering in this museum for many years, and I have never appreciated this cultural relic from this perspective.
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