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    In many shooting tutorials, everyone has taken "never owe" to the correct method of shooting. Later, someone suggested that "Ning owe not to expose" is the filming experience of the film era, which is outdated. On the contrary, on a digital camera, it should be "not exposed to owe" and should be exposed to the ring light for sale right. What do you think of this problem?
    If the dark side of the picture is mostly bright, it is ok to expose to the right, and the data taken is larger than the left exposure. If the picture is bright, on the contrary, the photo is taken to the left and the photo data is larger. In the shooting, you still need to follow up the situation to deal with.
    For example, in the following scene, if we are exposed normally, the details of the sky will be completely gone, let alone the exposure to the right. This kind of sky can't be pulled back later.

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    "I will definitely go if I can. I want to see the Hubei Provincial Museum and also want to eat hot dry noodles!" Netizens left a message expressing their yearning. China Culture Net translated this video into English and posted it on overseas social media platforms to show the world the splendid history and culture of Hubei. During the "5·18" International Museum Day, Artery Shadow participated in the "Immersive Museum" activity initiated by Sina Weibo, "endorsing" the Hunan Provincial Museum, and summed up his many years of visiting experience, and classified the museums worth seeing according to different Recommend topics and Hpusn LED Selfie Ring Light categories to everyone. “I plan to go to the Shanghai Museum next month to see the exhibition. This year, the supporting exhibition of the Forbidden City to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the Forbidden City is also worth looking forward to." Artery Ying revealed that in the future, it may cooperate with the museum to create a video program and also hold a personal photography exhibition. "I hope my works can attract more people to the museum, to feel the beauty of cultural relics, and the charm of traditional Chinese culture." Staying on the level of "painting like", such paintings are portraits,Hpusn LED Selfie Ring Light
    not art. We must do art, but we cannot do Russian art, nor Western art, but Chinese art. ) Wu Guanzhong: "Drawing like" is not art. The current situation of contemporary art is rather chaotic and there are many misunderstandings. It can be said that "misunderstandings are everywhere". We live in the cracks and we want to do art, but this kind of art should not be Western However, in art, there are many things that are not art but rubbish. We used to follow the road of Russian realism, and the painter's painting stayed on the level of "painting like". Such paintings are portraits, not art. Xu Beihong can be called a painter, a painter, and a painter, but he is "beautiful blind" because he does not understand beauty at all from his works. His painting "The Foolish Old Man Moves the Mountain" is very ugly.
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