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    After reading your pictures and description, I have a new perspective and feel that this cultural relic is more beautiful. "Artery Ying’s Weibo is dominated by pictures, and the text is very simple. Sometimes he will say what this cultural relic looks like, and tell its origin and story. Some fans were not originally enthusiasts of cultural activities, but were moved by the Hpusn Softbox Lighting Kit pictures he took and became interested in museums. "Many netizens told me that I used to go to the museum once in two or three years, but now I have to go to the museum at least three or four times a year. This makes me feel that what I am doing is very meaningful." As Weibo fans increase and influence expands, Artery Shadow has received more and more invitations from museums, and the cooperation method has also extended from taking photos and Hpusn Softbox Lighting Kit promoting exhibitions to cultural and creative product development. In 2019, Artery Shadow and the Palace Museum jointly launched a series of notebooks and postcards "Guan Porcelain". He also opened a special topic on Weibo "What to see this week exhibition", regularly recommending domestic museum boutique exhibitions. During the Spring Festival this year, Artery Shadow compiled dozens of online exhibition links to facilitate everyone's "cloud shopping exhibition". This Weibo has been reposted more than 70,000 times, liked more than 40,000, and the museum's official microblog recommended its own exhibition in the message. "The flowers downstairs are already in bloom, and domestic museums have opened one after another, but the Hubei Provincial Museum in my hometown is estimated to be open for a while." On March 30, Artery Shadow posted a link with "Google A short video jointly produced by "Art and Culture" led everyone to "wander around" the Hubei Provincial Museum. Precious cultural relics such as the Zenghouyi chime, bronze drum seat, Yuewang Goujian sword, and painted woodcarving sika deer were unveiled. "Thank you for letting us discover beauty!"
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