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    Some organizations are engaged in gatherings every year, and a large group of people go down collectively, holding a banner, and taking pictures with fellow villagers. By doing so, fellow villagers dare not speak. The true collection of customs is to go on secretly, to live among the people, to experience the customs, and to understand the sufferings of the people. This process is very difficult. If a young person's impulse to learn painting is like pouring boiling water on the grass, he can't die, only then can he learn it. Hou Baolin's children learned cross talk secretly, Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit and they all succeeded. This is a typical example. The blind expansion of the art academy will only mislead people. None of my children learn to paint. Learning to paint is a hobby. You can, as a major, try not to do it. Artists cannot be cultivated by "training since childhood." Many children now go to the Children's Palace at a very young age and practice piano at a very young age, but most of them will never become artists. Only when you have a deep feeling for art and go through hardships can you have a real feeling for art. What art emphasizes is "different." When I was studying art in Paris, I felt painting was particularly noble and sacred. Once, when I came to the world-famous painting square in Montmartre, I saw that it was all paintings sellers. At that moment I was heartbroken. Back at the college, whenever I saw my classmates go out carrying a picture folder and picture box, I always felt that they had to go to the square to sell pictures. That taste makes me uncomfortable. I have never been to that square again. Since then Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit, my concept has changed. I feel that art is not as noble as I imagined. Art should belong to the people and the masses. A few years ago, I had been to 798 and also quietly to Songzhuang. In Songzhuang, I saw a few painters. Of course, each painter's situation is different. Some people are working hard, some are speculating, and there are all kinds of people.
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